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Blue Diamond Resorts

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Shining jewel in the crown of the fastest growing Caribbean resort chain, Blue Diamond’s Royalton Resorts is an epitome of luxury, all-inclusive getaway vacations.

A few years ago, when Royalton was opening their very first property, their parent company, Blue Diamond Resorts engaged Roundhouse to identify, curate and implement a Royalton branded sound and develop a 360° Music Architecture program.

Project Goals

With plans to exponentially grow the Royalton brand and open multiple new properties, Blue Diamond was eager to develop a series of memorable music experiences for their guests from the very beginning with the opening of their first Royalton property in Montego Bay, Jamaica (Royalton White Sands).

In addition to developing a Royalton branded sound, increasing customer engagement and improving the guest experience, Blue Diamond wanted to make sure that the memorable music experiences would translate seamlessly to the opening of all future Royalton properties.

The Process & Solution

After several meetings with the Blue Diamond Resorts Executive Leadership team along with Marketing and Operations teams, Roundhouse was engaged in lengthy research in order to completely understand the direction of the new Royalton brand. The goal of this was to find the most effective way to interweave premium music experiences with the overall brand direction.

Throughout this process, Roundhouse curated very specific playlists for each time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, and night), for all respective music areas individually (Lobby, individual Restaurants, Spa, Bars, etc).

With this base, we utilized our Core Music Architecture server to automate when the implemented Music Architecture experiences start, stop, change playlists or adjust the volume according to different times of the day.

Onsite staff was provided with training, teaching them about our systems and daily procedures to ensure that all audio equipment is always functioning properly and the guest experience remains intact.

Finally, keeping in mind the “360°” nature of our Music Architecture (reaching customers off-premises while driving repeat sales), we created an exclusive original Royalton Branded Theme song titled “Royalton Life”. Aimed to be the emotional “anchor” for the Royalton audience, the song was played on all information channels in every guest room. Along with the entertainment team, a dance choreography was developed to accompany it. Following the choreography, a professional music video was created and used on youtube, social media accounts and other online marketing platforms with great success.

The End-Result

The feedback on the Music Architecture was overwhelmingly positive and the pilot program has since been seamlessly implemented to all of the subsequent Royalton resorts (7 total, growing each day).

The “Royalton Life” theme song itself was an absolute hit, even with guests normally less likely to engage in social events (pool parties, dancing, etc). The catchy tune has been played on youtube thousands of times, with hundreds of positive comments and feedback.

Music Architecture enhanced Guest Experience without a doubt, which in turn made driving return visits much easier. As an anecdote, our support staff received a huge influx of requests from guests to provide them with playlists of the music they had been hearing at the Royalton/Blue DIamond properties.

Finally, all of the day-to-day Music Architecture functions are automated and monitored by Roundhouse’s technical support team daily – so the staff can focus on their actual hotel related duties without fear of impacting the guest experience by wrong timing or music choices.

Due to the success of this project, Roundhouse became Blue Diamond Resorts Corporate Music Partner across all of their brands.