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Green & Tonic

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Spread across multiple locations, Green & Tonic is in the business of keeping people healthy (and happy) by providing accessible, tasty, & craveable food that has premium nutritional integrity and value.

After facing crippling issues with their previous music provider, G&T reached out to Roundhouse for a solution.

Issues to Solve

One of the biggest issues G&T was dealing with was inconsistency and discrepancy between the brand music that was being provided at the time.

Green & Tonic’s music was provided using a music source that was preloaded with 4 different genres of music. The music direction inconsistency was amplified by the fact that the daily choice of music was completely dependant on the staff members’ choices.

There was an issue with the music repeating several times throughout the day as a result of the playlists not being consistently expanded and updated.

The Process & Solution

After spending two weeks visiting each location at various times of day, getting familiar with the brand’s ambiance, its customers, their demographics, and habits, we prepared our brand assessment and started defining an overarching Green & Tonic branded sound.

As a starting point, we created highly targeted playlists and segmented them according to the time of day (morning, afternoon and evening). Then, we curated a different playlist for each day of the week in order to avoid the staff from having to hear the same music repeat daily.

Next, using the power of music to help with marketing efforts, we developed and implemented a specialty playlist for G&T Friday events, called “Tropical Fridays Brought To You By Green & Tonic”. Utilizing familiar classic “feel good” Caribbean island & reggae songs, we helped set up the mood for some of their tropical infused healthy offerings.

Finally, we created a G&T branded music ID (“Music is Brought To You By Green & Tonic”) that plays after every 6th song as a consistent branding tool. This reminds the listeners that they’re listening to carefully thought out custom Music Architecture, intricately prepared to boost their overall Green & Tonic experience, making their visits more memorable, pleasurable and engaging.

Branded Music ID: Quick Sample

The End-Result

The results were phenomenal. Green & Tonic finally had a very specific and identifiable sound across all of their locations. As a result, you can go into any G&T location blindfolded and know exactly where you are, without depending only on visual branding & ambiance.

More guests are staying in-store longer, they are spending more and are much more likely to return and become regular customers.

Finally, with an influx of guests asking which songs/playlists are playing in the stores, we’re being prompted to develop a custom Green & Tonic radio app, allowing the guests to bring the G&T experience home with them, be further exposed to the brand, and ultimately, be more likely to return to the store, making a full 360° turn.