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Roundhouse develops & manages immersive, bespoke music environments for brands who want to better connect with their audience.

360° Music Architecture™


In an industry dominated by computer-generated music playlists, Roundhouse provides a human touch to 100% of our content with highly skilled music architects and consumer engagement specialists, to achieve the perfect representation for your brand’s DNA.

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    Increase the reach of your branded sound beyond brick and mortar locations, connecting with your audience anywhere they go.

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    Develop true brand loyalty through music’s ability to tap into emotions, creating a deeper connection between, your brand and its target audience.

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    Reliable, easy-to-deploy systems with 24/7 technical support actively monitoring data which is analyzed to ensure optimum service quality and a memorable experience for your customers.


“We couldn’t ask for a more reliable and passionate music partner than Roundhouse.”

Sasa Milojevic, CEO of Mexico and Caribbean Region 

Karisma Hotels & Resorts

“It’s great to work with a big team of experts, but is better when no matter how big they get, you still feel that you are their number one.”

Ibonne Pinilla, Guest Experience Manager

Melia Hotels International

“Roundhouse has been Blue Diamond Resorts music partner since the beginning and we fully trust their music expertise. Music is a very powerful part of our resorts vibe and Roundhouse continuously helps us achieve that.”

Jordi Pelfort, Managing Director

Blue Diamond Resorts