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Setting the mood with music. What comes to mind when I say that? If you went to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” that’s not the right direction (for this article, anyway). Truth be told, there is no one right answer to define this. Does your mood stay the same every day? Is it the same when you are working out as when you are getting a massage? When you’re plugging away on your laptop versus at the bar having drinks with friends?

Moods change for a variety of reasons and are influenced by a number of factors, including time of day, activities you are doing and the environment you are in. Settings help to dictate moods; the way you feel at a sun-drenched pool or a dimly lit club are likely very different. Cue the music, literally. The music within the space you are in is an amazing way to transform both moods and experiences. Having an “autopilot” playlist that is the same day by day, or worse yet, the same for every space in your hotel, is a recipe for mood kill. And losing guests.

The right music absolutely makes your guests want to linger longer. Hotel guests will be inclined to order one more drink at your bar, relax longer at the pool, or settle into your lobby for lunch instead of going to that restaurant down the street. You can elevate the customer experience one song at a time, building deeper connections to your hotel.

Imagine this: You walk into the lobby of Hotel Whatever. High ceilings, staff with perfectly straight name tags, guests sipping cocktails at the bar in outfits straight out of Vogue (yes, the issue that has yet to hit newsstands). There’s also a subtle scent; it’s nice, just enough to notice without being overpowering. You settle into a tufted leather loveseat; so smooth and you sink into just the right depth. Then you order a small plate and a cocktail that sends your taste buds into culinary nirvana. You know this hotel; you might have stayed there, or had the pleasure of working there. Or maybe it’s in your comp set and you aspire to replicate what they have achieved. All of your senses are truly delighted, well, almost.

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