360° Music Architecture™

The Power of 360° Music Architecture™

Your Brand’s Complete DNA Sequenced and Presented through Premium Music Experiences

Connect with your audience through the science and emotion of our trademarked 360° Music Architecture™ process


360° Music Architecture™ is a proprietary solution consisting of completely custom-made, branded sound experiences created to not only connect the brands with their consumers on-premises but also, using a set of different tactics & strategies, keep the consumers engaged while off-premises in order to drive repeat sales and increase loyalty.

Completely Customized
For Each Partner

100% Human
Curated & Managed

Proven Proprietary Process
That Simply Works

Audience Engagement
ON and OFF Premise

In an industry dominated by computer-algorithm-generated music playlists as your only options when it comes to creating your brand’s voice and sound, Roundhouse focuses on profound human knowledge & emotion to create what robots can’t – the true sound DNA of your brand.

Engagement On & Off Premise

With a set of proprietary tactics & strategies, Roundhouse increases the reach of the developed Music Architecture beyond the location, connecting with your audience anywhere they go.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Music’s unprecedented ability to tap into emotions serves as a champion for developing true brand loyalty, creating a deeper emotional connection between your brand and its targeted audience.

Truly Measurable Analytics

Music is an undeniable mood-setter, but it’s often difficult to quantify its effect on the bottom line and overall success. Roundhouse offers a true way to measure ROI, as a part of our 360° Music Architecture™ process.

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A Few Words From Our Clients

“We couldn’t ask for a more reliable and passionate music partner than Roundhouse.”

Sasa Milojevic, Vice President of Operations

Karisma Hotels & Resorts

“Roundhouse has been Blue Diamond Resorts music partner since the beginning and we fully trust their music expertise. Music is a very powerful part of our resorts vibe and Roundhouse continuously helps us achieve that.”

Jordi Pelfort, Managing Director

Blue Diamond Resorts

“It’s great to work with a big team of experts, but is better when no matter how big they get, you still feel that you are their number one.”

Ibonne Pinilla, Guest Experience Manager

Melia Hotels International

“Roundhouse has been a great music supply partner for Blue Diamond Resorts for many years; they have provided prompt, courteous and professional support.”

Jordi Sole, Senior Corporate Director of Operation

Blue Diamond Resorts

“Roundhouse did a great job identifying the Green & Tonic branded sound as well as implementing an awesome overall music campaign.”

Jeffrey Pandolfino, Owner

Green & Tonic

“Roundhouse is my go-to for authentic experiential branding resources. We have produced unique music to align with brands that include boutique hotels and high-end residential buildings. The music was instrumental to the brands’ success.”

Mia Schipani, Chief Communications Officer

Schipani | PR

“It is always pleasurable working with Roundhouse as they are always pushing the creative envelope… willing to explore uncharted territory where many of their competitors are not – absolutely love working with these guys.”

Kunjan Patel, Managing Director

Kunjan Collective